About Us

We are an established community of 416 townhomes and 132 single family homes with an interesting heritage. We take our name from the horse farm on which we are built. We are a unique community that celebrates the amenities around us while maintaining our open beauty and country charm.
There are 2 swimming pools, along with a small pool for infants and toddlers.  All in a fenced area with umbrellaed tables and chairs for picnics and relaxing.  Two tennis courts provide ample opportunity to engage in tennis or pickleball.  There is also a basketball court and net for a quick game of pickup.  Over 2 miles of sidewalks provide opportunity for strolling and watching wildlife and nature.  Deer, rabbits, ducks, geese, owls, turtles are all found in the community.  The ducks, geese, and turtles are mostly found in one of the 2 fish-stocked ponds.
For those who like to be involved with the community, we have special events throughout year such as pool parties, wine tasting, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, plus a very popular community-wide yard sale. 
When milder weather is here, dogs will be out taking more walks with their owners or caregivers.  We want to remind everyone that all dogs must be on a handheld leash and must not leave anything behind.  Be a responsible pet owner and help keep our community safe and clean for everyone - pick up after your dog(s)!  Stray cats may be picked up by our local authorities.